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JMK Award 2019 - Little Baby Jesus, Orange Tree Theatre.

Director: Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

Set and Costume Designer: Tara Usher

Lighting Designer: Bethany Wells

Sound Designer: Nicola Chang

Movement Consultant: DK Fashola

Photography: Ali Wright

"As the religious references roll in, and the huge halo light above Tara Usher's set tilts suggestively, these teenagers lives take on a spiritual glow and grow bigger, infused with meaning and grandeur" - The Guardian

"The moment you enter the auditorium of this venue it's immediately obvious that something special is going down. The stage is a grey circular platform which glitters a bit like the tarmac of a school playground on a sunny day... Tara Usher's slick design which features a halo of light above the playing space which seems to nod slowly in response to the action" - The Theatre Times -  Aleks Sierz.

"The set by Tara Usher is beautiful in it's simplicity" - Kimprovised.


"Dressed in school shirts scribbled wit highlighter goodbyes and trapped in Tara Usher's tarmac roundabout" - The Upcoming.

"Tara Usher’s raised tarmac podium reminds me of one of the fighting stages you get in Super Smash Bros (and Street Fighter does, in fact, make a cameo) and the trio move accordingly, launching themselves up and down the stage, rolling on the floor, teetering on the brink of the playground and hurling themselves back into the centre like they’ve run into a magnetic forcefield." - Exeunt Magazine

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