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Queen of the Mist, Brockley Jack, 2019.

Pint of Wine Theatre Company

Director: Dom O'Hanlon

Set & Costume Design: Tara Usher

Lighting Design: Bethany Gupwell

Musical Direction: Jordan Li-Smith

Sound Design: Adrian Jenkins

Costume Realisation: Lemington Ridley

Producer: Blake Klein

Photographer: Stephen Russell

"Tara Usher’s design is a model of elegant economy." - The Stage

"One of the joys of the musical is the set design by Tara Usher which is outstanding and hugely transformative of the Jack Studio Space. As my companion noted, it felt like the musical was bursting out of the walls of this black box. Wooden flooring together with a slew of wooden cupboards and aged brown suitcases worked well to suggest the feel of Annie's own wooden barrel, as well as allowing the show to quickly move between it's many different settings throughout." - London Pub Theatres

"In Tara Usher’s economical design, each piece of furniture is devised to slide and lock within the frame of the musicians’ stand, virtually vanishing when not in use." - Everything Theatre

"Tara Usher's set and costumes are equally good, the production values as high as I have known them at this venue."- Broadway World

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