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Queen of the Mist, Charing Cross Theatre, 2019.

Pint of Wine Theatre Company

Director: Dom O'Hanlon

Set & Initial Costume Design: Tara Usher

Costume Design: Lemington Ridley

Lighting Design: Bethany Gupwell

Musical Direction: Conor Fogel

Sound Design: Adrian Jenkins

Producer: Blake Klein

Every creative department excel themselves. There's a handsome set, perfect props and particularly beautiful costumes by Tara Usher (definitely a talent to watch) - London Box Office

Set Designer Tara Usher had a stroke of genius when she designed a floor based on a flattened barrel. - Theatre Reviews

A clever design (Tara Usher) where props and furniture could be moved with ease to create separate settings, the space at no time felt cluttered despite its size. - UK Theatre Network

Designer Tara Usher whose ingenious dark-wood set evokes the interior of a giant barrel - WhatsonStage 

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